Saturday, April 24, 2010

Odd requests

A couple of days ago via an agent I work with I got a late-notice request from a client looking for entertainment for a golf club season's opening dinner, which was to take place tonight. They wanted a mime, I was told. Had I ever done any mime?

That's one of those questions you answer very carefully.

Yes, I told them, but I'm not actually a mime.

Never mind, came the reply. Do what you can.

It was to be a strolling gig, interacting with guests during the cocktail hour before dinner.

Trying to get an idea of what they wanted, I asked if they had a theme, or even if they knew what kind of character they wanted. 'You decide,' they said.

Dangerous words.

So I decided on a cross between a Tim Burton character and Mr Bean. It won't become a regular part of my repertoire but for a one-off event, it worked. A chance to be delightfully, innocently, inadvertently creepy. And you'd be surprised how many older women will not only happily let their husbands trail behind as a ghoulish figure in a frock coat offers his arm and leads them away, but will flirt like Armageddon is scheduled for the following morning.


  1. At the risk of offending an entire gender, my first thoughts were:

    Of course they did; you were the perfect man--cute, charming, and absolutely silent.

    Sorry, guys, I just couldn't resist. ;)

  2. Love it, Mr. M! I think you should add this guy to your stable. Actually, I think you should just be this guy all the time. What an opportunity!

    We're half way through our walk now. Iffy internet access, but will keep up with you as much as I can.