Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Competition 2010 redux

I got my copy of the Calgary Magic Circle newsletter a couple of days ago - a newsletter published 'Whenever we feel like it', according to the byline.

It included an article about the 2010 Regional Competition that took place about six weeks ago. Bear in mind that, having been back in Canada for barely three years now, my experience with this competition is limited, but in those three years it's always been good.

The last paragraph in the article reads:

"The audience turnout was the largest in the history of the competition. Over 120 spectators came to watch 13 competitors compete for $100 grand prize and trophies - an incredible turnout considering that just 5 short years ago this competition was held in a small room with 4~5 magicians, no spectators, competing for a troll doll nailed to a plank."

I was never offered a troll.


  1. I was sitting here, reading your post, eating a "seafood" sandwich, and I nearly choked on my fake crab. Definitely the funniest thing I have read today. And jeez, I would kick in $10 toward next year's prize, so that they can afford the $100 AND the troll.

  2. Everyone should have a troll--as long as it's not the internet kind. ;)