Monday, April 12, 2010

Bald-ass prairie

I had a gig on the weekend in a small town in south-central Alberta, which is probably a lot like south-central L.A. but withouth the people or the buildings. Or the climate. And with a greater life-expectancy.

Actually, it's nothing at all like south-central L.A.

It doesn't take long once you get past the foothills to reach a landscape sometimes affectionately (and other times not-so-affectionately) referred to as 'bald-ass prairie'. Yes, but early in the morning it's gorgeous. On the drive home I passed a coyote, some deer and two hawks all within ten minutes. Oh - and geese. Yup. Geese too.

And the gig? Good. It was held in the town's one and only bar and, as I had been told it would be, it was virtually dead until 10pm. Ten p.m. - the witching hour. The place began to fill up and we ended up having a great time. It's probably a good thing the place had been quiet until then - if they'd had three hours to drink before my show, they might not have followed ANYTHING I was doing.

Following photo: only makes sense in Canada.


  1. Dollar store!

    I much prefer the bald-ass prairie to the ocean, if you can believe it. I'm thinking that's a nice stretch of road for letting the 'vette open up. Is there a speed limit? Time for a road trip!

  2. Ooh, Glenna the speed-demon! Yes, there's a limit (100 km/hr) but your biggest risk would be hitting a deer face first!

  3. Three Hills? Is that where you were, right next to Torrington, the home of the world famous stuffed gopher museum? Cara's family is from Trochu, just a few kilometres from Three Hills. How'd you end up doing a gig there?

  4. 100 km/hr=62 mph. That's IT? That's ALL? It may explain why the engine in my rental car the last time I was in Canada wheezed up the mountain passes. We are speed demons here; the last time I followed a hearse to the gravesite (with the coffin onboard), we hit 85 (136.8) on the interstate.

    We have an old, much-loved, very tinkered-with corvette. It's up to 497 hp, I believe. Unfortunately, we live in an urban area where speeds are kept low by congestion, unless, of course, you're part of a funeral procession.

  5. Wow, that's a lot of...flat.

    Love the loonie store! I know what it means, but the name still made me giggle. :)

  6. Yes, it was a gig in Three Hills, Bruce, and I always think of Cara when I see the signs for Trochu. Missed the gopher museum. I feel sad now.

    The gig was a 28th birthday party put on by the manager of the hotel and bar, for her sister. Good fun.

    Glenna - I'd heard Montana had no legal speed limit... but Virginia? On divided highways it's 110 kph (69 mph) but not on two-lane roads.

    Jade - yup. Flat.
    Reminds me of the term MAMBA that I heard applied to the Isle of Lewis in Scotland - Miles And Miles of Bugger-All.