Tuesday, April 6, 2010


Easter weekend - always a good time for gigs and despite the potential of facing a mob of sugared-up kiddie widdies, they've always proved me wrong on the day. This time it was two days at the Calgary Zoo, next to the elephant enclosure. Wisely the stage was not too close. Not that there's any physical danger, of course, but if you have to compete for an audience's attention, a 160-lb magician is no match for a 15-ton troupe of pachyderms, even without microphones.

Then Chateau Lake Louise on Sunday. Yes, it's a bit of a drive but if you have to do a 5-hour commute for work it may as well be on a sunny holiday through the Rockies.

The hotel may be known for its stellar location and panoramic view of the lake and its bowl of surrounding mountains, or its almost-fairy-tale architecture, or simply the fact that it's pretty swish overall, but for me the selling point is that they have a resident Golden Retriever to greet people in the front lobby.

Frankly I suspect she's part of their plan for dealing with disgruntled guests. Complainants are probably told to sit with the dog while they fetch the manager because, let's face it, it's hard to get angry when your hands are full of retriever.


  1. Glad to see you posting more often than I do, Mr. M. We're hanging out with a lovely little Jack Russeil named 'mini.' We get to take her for walks when we've finished our chores. Why the hell am I doing chores? I'm a professional, for goodness sake.

  2. We had a gold years ago; wonderful dog--and yes, there should be one required in every establishment that deals with the public, it would keep much disgruntlement at bay. :)

  3. Jade - a golden retriever and a massage once a week. The world would be a better place.

    Bruce - it is possible to do chores in a sophisticated, literary and self-aware way that would suit a man of your talents. Think of it like Orwell retreating to the remote and rustic cottage of Barnhill on Islay in order to write 1984. I bet he did chores.