Thursday, October 27, 2011

Blanket monster and breakfast bunnies

I'm still next to useless at shooting and editing video but I'm not going to let my lack of skill stand between you and some footage of rabbits enjoying the morning.

This was from earlier today. Snowdon playing 'blanket monster' in the pen, and Augustus enjoying the last few minutes of freedom before swapping places with his counterpart.

And the music? No reason except that it made me laugh when I put it in the video.

Saturday, October 8, 2011


I've been performing magic at the Westhills location of Earl's Restaurant in Calgary since...January, I think. Every Friday and Saturday evening. Last night I noticed the restaurant is now having their own wine bottled. The label is full of references and in-jokes, but what really made me smile is the fact that the crest on the label is a top hat and wand, to represent 'our house magician'. How cool is that?

In unrelated business, Snowdon has recently become far snugglier than ever before. He used to be more skittish than Augustus but for the past month or so he's sat quite contentedly on my lap for ten minutes or more, napping, chuntering and generally behaving like a pet rather than a feral beast.

How happy am I?