Sunday, May 2, 2010

It's a tough job, but...

My friend and fellow-magician Paul Spenard called yesterday to bring me in for a last-minute booking at an up-market 'lifestyle salon' opening in Calgary. Quite a big do - superb catering, ballerinas in the window, Marie Antoinette-types lounging languidly on setees, a Rat Pack crooner in the lobby and Paul and colleagues taking photos of anyone and everyone.

Paul Spenard snapped this photo at the end of the evening.

It's a tough job, but someone's got to do it.

Ooh. Pick me. Pick me.


  1. You're a brave man to take on such an arduous task. :D

  2. hang in there malcolm, it looks like you made the best of it. ; )

    20 years!!!!! for you and nadine?!?!? how wonderful! please wish her and you a happy belated from me.

    where's your new bunny? although with the amount of posts i haven't made recently i have no room to tease now do i?

  3. Oh, the new bunny (bunnies, actually) are still in the planning stage. We're waiting for another month or two before heading back to the Humane Society. Summer tends to be their busiest/fullest time (post-Easter time, but let's not get into all that). But they're definitely on the cards. I hope at least one is temperamental. That way I can sort-of keep the blog header!

  4. Silly Malcolm, didn't you know? They're ALL tempermental, that's just how rabbits are. :D

  5. Oh, I thought you were the temperamental bunny.

  6. Yes, and getting more that way with each passing year. Ever seen the show 'Grumpy Old Men'? I'm starting early.