Tuesday, May 18, 2010

A nephew comes in handy

Move over, Mr Whippy, there's a new kid in town. He's 11 years old and because he's related to me and sometimes likes me too, he's unlikely to sue if practice goes wrong.

Normally reticent to get involved, yesterday my nephew proved quite keen to dress up like (as Jade pointed out) a Monty Python Holy Grail extra and let me cut playing cards in half with a whip while he held them between his fingers. Not only that, he demanded I also try to knock a pop can off his head and disembowel a couple of balloon animals as he clutched them.

The cards worked well. The pop can took time (it's a different move I haven't practiced), and the balloons failed badly. Man, can those things absorb abuse! Whack whack whack and they still come back for more.

Jonas, my nephew, has even requested that I use him as my victim during my show at Turner Valley Discovery Day next month. The venue is close to where he lives so if I fail he's only a short limp from home.


  1. Poor Jonas; cut short in the prime of his life.

  2. Oh, and Mr. Whippy seems to be mocking him.

  3. Smart boy, it'll definitely up his "cool kid" status at school--unless you miss and do some minor damage or something, then he'll be "the dork who let his uncle hit him with a whip".

    But hey, no pressure... ;)

  4. If I miss, he can just tell the other kids at school that they're duelling scars.