Saturday, May 22, 2010

Canmore Children's Fest

The benefit of video is that you can get a snapshot from the exact moment you want, which in this case is when the whip cut the cards in half. Yes, yes, the cards, not the poor fellow's fingertips. Hence the bright red welder's gloves. If you look closely you'll even see that I switch hands half way through. Hence the bright red welder's gloves again, 'cos frankly my right ain't as good as my left.

Canmore Children's Festival was today. Man, what a great theatre space they have over at the school where it takes place! Raked seating, great sound system, proper crappy splintered sofa in the green room, everything a real theatre should have.

I was booked to do the Parker Doodlebug Variety Show (Parker Doodlebug being my alter-ego, an eccentric Victorian inventor who believes he's created the world's first true panacea and goes to great lengths to convince everyone that it works the way he thinks it does), and this time it included the whip-cracking finale. Yay!

The festival is always brilliantly put-together and well organised with great volunteers, great talent and a wonderful head honcho, and you know I'm being honest because head dude Casey Prescott doesn't even know I have a blog and will never read this. Will you, Casey?

And the accommodation they put us up in! Whew. Ok, a plug - Blackstone Lodge in Canmore, Alberta, bless you for helping the festival the way you do. Your apartments rock. Your tubs are Suez Canal deep, your beds are Goldilocks comfy, and you look swish. Well done.


  1. Awesome pics--would love to see the video as well. :)

  2. I'll be working on a video clip today if I get around to it!

  3. I've just put up a short compilation video -

    I'll perhaps post it on the blog itself soon, but for now you can have a look on YouTube.

  4. Oh, you HAVE to put that up on the blog--that was just too cool! I especially liked the "platter-carrying" bit.