Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Publicity, but...for what?

Last week a a local TV news crew asked to meet up with me and a couple of magician colleagues to do a story on our upcoming public magic show. We gathered at the Vanishing Rabbit magic shop in north Calgary and spent the better part of an hour doing interviews and showing off.

The end result? A two-minute story. Decent length, actually, but the bit that confuses me is that there was no mention at all of our upcoming show, or the fact that we were also raising funds for charity. But hey, at least they broadcast it!

I've tried to embed the video here but for some reason it says 'ok!', and then proceeds to sit and think and think and think for an hour or longer without actually doing a thing. (I've known some people like that, too.) So try copying and pasting this unwieldy address:


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  1. Well, at least you did get the mention of the show in with the card trick, although it was silly of them not to bring it up during the piece.