Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Flash hotels and mountain parks

A few days ago I was booked to do a show way up in Jasper National Park at the wonderfully swish Jasper Park Lodge (in the photo above). I'm surprised anyone at the hotel gets any work done; frankly I'd be spending all day staring at the scenery rather than doing my job. (And this differs from my daily In fact, I did exactly that nearly 20 years ago when I spent a summer living in Jasper and working as a tour guide and boat driver on Maligne Lake. Spent nearly ten hours a day admiring the views. Salad days.

Jasper townsite is a good five hour drive from home so Nadine and I turned it into a little holiday and spent a couple of days with some good friends there. Their 12-year-old pug Mabel is still going strong, though her tongue sticks out even more than ever before. Lack of teeth will do that. I fully expect to spend my twilight years with my tongue lolling about in full view of the public. And if it doesn't do it of its own accord, I intend to make it do so. Screw dignity.

And of course our friends' four kids got their own kitchen-table magic show.


  1. ooooh, that is a lovely view. I could easily spend a few days in or on that water. :)

  2. It's nice to see a body of water that doesn't contain great white sharks. (Although think of the fun if you bought a couple of those fake shark fins and floated them in there.) Lucky kids to get the magic show!