Saturday, June 12, 2010

Are we getting this on the *FLASH*...monitor?

Glenn Stevenson from City TV sent me a few snaps he took while Yeats and I were at the studio last Wednesday. Anyone who's tried to take photos of a person in motion rather than just posing will know that for every good picture there will be fifty rubbish ones featuring closed eyelids, gurning mouths and looks of painful constipation. Considering none of these images features me drooling, I think he did a marvelous job.

This first picture I've titled "Are we getting this on the *FLASH*...monitor?" Subtitled "Blinking makes you weak".

It's the same expression I use while stalking the vulnerable.

This second one I'm calling "What is this thing you call 'fork'?"

Or maybe simply "WTF?"

And finally, me and Yeats hanging out with a cup of herbal tea at dawn.

1 comment:

  1. Hey Mr. M,

    Nice spot! By the time I get back, I hope to see you in prime time with your own 'Save the Louisiana Shrimp" fund raiser.