Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Magic case

Pointing to my folded card table a man once asked me, "What's that?"
"That's my magic table," I told him.
He thought for a moment before asking, "So what does it do?"


It's a table. I use it for magic. Therefore it's a magic table. Doesn't do anything on its own, I'm afraid.

I mention this because I've just finished building a new magic table and case to replace the old one. It doesn't do anything except fold up rather cleverly (the shelf and top fit inside the case when it's collapsed), but it's immensely useful as it gives me a place to put stuff when I'm doing a show.

Walnut, Baltic Birch ply and Aspen, if you're curious. And the remains of a dark green wool Moroccan djellaba (thank you, Bruce; I knew it would come in handy). Fairly heavy, but it's self-contained and bombproof.

And here's your rabbit photo. This was Jellybaby at less than a year old.

Now tell me THAT's not cute.


  1. I wuv, wuv, WUV this bunneh!

  2. Jellybaby wears the same inscrutable long-haired rabbit expression that Elvis does. As for the table, now that you've referred to it as "bomb-proof" in a blog that also references "spying," those Iranians will probably be back to check you out, and not because of Jellybaby. And it is a very clever table, complete with handle. I would like to see you explain it at the airport.

  3. Any ne'er-do-wells checking out my blog will get as far as the first rabbit pictures and then spend the rest of the afternoon making cooing noises and using silly voices.

    If I am elected Prime Minister, this will be my defense strategy.

    Please don't attack us. We have rabbits.

  4. Defense strategy, considering the kilt and all: Sir William Wallace: "It's all for nothing if you don't have rabbits."

    In this case, the Scots could march into battle with pictures of really cute bunnies on their battle flags, and the enemies would be reduced to cooing puddles.

  5. That's why Charlie lost in 1745. No bunnies.

  6. Somehow I can't see Alex Salmond as a bunny person but good strategy.....

    Jennybaby is always adorable but this photo of her younger self is particularly so. Does she ever hide in the table?

  7. This comment has been removed by the author.

  8. She's never tried hiding in the table, but then again I usually leave it packed up in another room so she's not tempted!

    A friend has asked me to build a rabbit-production box (for the appearing-rabbit magic trick). I simply said no. The box has to be waaaay too small for a rabbit to spend any length of time comfortably inside...and the usual (minimal) air holes are scary!

  9. Wow man...your table is marvellous!