Monday, January 4, 2010

Sure it's global, but why Oklahoma?

Thanks to Google Analytics I can track visitors to my website and see where they're from. I started using the service a year ago and in that time the vast majority of visits have been from Canada, 20% as many from the UK, a decent number from the US and the rest from...

Brazil, Australia, Japan, France, Croatia, Germany, Poland, New Zealand, Portugal, Austria, Spain, Denmark, Mexico, Turkey, India, Ukraine, Sweden, Finland, Ireland, Philippines...

and Iran.

I'll bet that was an accident.

I had nine visits from Barueri, Brazil; that's nine different people, not the same person nine times. And one from Sao Paolo. Which appears to be right beside Barueri. Is there something about Barueri I ought to know?

But what really makes me wonder is the fact that I had 20 visits from Barlesville, Oklahoma. Fifteen of those visits were unique; five were repeats.

What on earth is going on in Barlesville, and why the sudden curiosity about me? And before you answer 'because there's bugger-all else to do in Barlesville', let me say that in a faintly worrying way I find it endearing.

Thank you, Oklahoma.

I think.


  1. good thinking not giving me your phone number or i'd be calling that bunny of yours right now!!!! he is so cute i can't stand it! the newness never wears off with bunnies....i could oogle them til infinty plus infinty.

    so it looks like besides being a bunny lover you're a statistic counter....we have a lot in common my new friend. someone in california has been looking at 100 bunny pages in a sitting about every 4 days or say, they have yet to comment and i think i'm going to go more insane than i already am.

    with my counter it doesn't always go by where the computer is as much as where the server is, so factor that in mister! for instance my parents live in missouri but they come up as pennsylvania.

    i look forward to getting past the first photo of your rabbit, but i must admit, he stopped me dead in my tracks and my fingers froze from going any further down the page....he's magnificent! i can't wait to find out more about him.

    i am so happy that you and your wife like the blog and i am so so so happy that you commented. thanks for stopping by and i'm adding you to my blog links.



  2. I like to put in my vote for more photos of that rabbit of yours.......the pressure is on Mr. Magic.