Sunday, January 31, 2010

Jellybaby - the Video

Astute reader Jade sent me a note to say she'd discovered a Youtube video I posted last year and suggested sharing it as a sort of memorial. The clips were taken over a week's worth of early mornings perhaps a year ago and compiled months later.

And yes, we have since learned that early advice we were given about suitable rabbit snacks was not entirely correct! But boy, did she love her sunflower seeds and cranberries.


  1. What a wonderful bunny she was. I'm glad you've posted this (the binky!) and am hoping you are both healing. Your rabbit audience would like to urge you to adopt a shelter bun later sometime since you're experienced bunny parents now, and since there so many unwanted, abandoned little buns out there and since being a bunny owner has its own peculiar rewards (pre-composted doots for your potted plants, for one thing). I adopted little Peaches after she had been living in a highway median (no doubt after having been put out of a car), and while she has eaten every damn bit of woodwork in her room, I would't trade her for anything.

  2. So glad you decided to post it--it is one of my favorite bunny videos, although I did cry my eyes out when I saw that sweet little hop of joy she did after exchanging nose kisses with you.

    I second the idea of adopting another rabbit when you're ready--not as a replacement for sweet Jellybaby, that's just impossible--but to honor her memory by giving another rabbit a chance to enjoy love and a happy home.

  3. Malcolm's wife here:
    Last year our local humane society had over 250 bunnies in the month following Easter. We have agreed that we will adopt at a later date and will check in with the humane society. We are hoping to take a couple of them that are already bonded, maybe even angora species as we now have all the grooming equipment. Last year they had about 20 poor wee angora species that no one wanted to take care after the initial 'cute' had worn off. JellyBaby was our little star and we think that others would benefit from the cuddles, snacks and love we have to give.

  4. What a lovely video, she looks as though she was a very happy bunny!

    We lost our bunny a while back and are just now thinking we're ready for another. We adopted from a shelter last time and would do the same again.

  5. awwwwww what a sweeeeeet sweeeeeeet girl. i so love these videos all strung together what a beautiful 3 minutes i just had! that jade, she always has such good ideas! jellybaby sure loves her binkies and she loves you guys too, what a happy happy bunny. i hope you both are alright.