Wednesday, January 6, 2010

The source of her misery

Just downloaded Christmas photos and amongst the dross was a trio of blurry snaps that go a long way to explaining Jellybaby's recent upset tummy (see below).

She's fine now, and today is overcoming the shock of discovering a brand new wooden tunnel in her pen - twice as long as the old one for hours of lurky lurky fun.


  1. Potentially Nervous sent me here, and she's right! You DO need to give us more pictures of Jellybaby! Please!

  2. I swear, Mr. M., that what you have there is a Yorkshire Terrier, not a bunny. Are you sure you've checked? Since terriers are rabbit hunters, I suggest you try introducing JB to another rabbit. If she eats it, she's a Yorkie.

  3. PS. Cara has a custom blog request: video please (of JB, that is).

  4. Oh my! She's just precious! Cute bunnies and magic...two of my favorite things! So glad Potentially Nervous sent me here. Show more bunny photos!

  5. Potentially Nervous is a very convincing bunny slave, and as a bunny slave myself here I am, begging for more Jellybaby pics! Pretty please!
    You are very lucky to be slave of such a pretty bunny :)