Sunday, March 16, 2014

Not From Around Here at Fort Calgary

For the past number of months I've been working with Atsushi Ono, a Japanese magician now living in Calgary, putting together a 60-minute two-magician stage show that we've called Not From Around Here. As far as I can tell this is unique in  Western Canada; other people have done shows with two magicians taking turns, but this one is entirely scripted and choreographed to feature two magicians throughout!

We were recently approached by Fort Calgary to be part of their dinner theatre season, and along with our third member Barry Crane 'Da Newfie MC' we did our first show at the Fort last week. And it was a great night! We had so much fun.

We start with close-up strolling magic over the cocktail period, then a little more between courses (with Barry doing his hilarious meet-and-greet), and the main show is after dinner. Unlike most 'dinner theatre' events, after the meal everyone walks down the hallway to the purpose-built 140-seat theatre for the show. Yup - cushioned seats, red curtains and the whole bit. Such a treat to be able to perform in a venue like this.

The first show was wonderful fun and a superb evening and the next one is coming up in less than two weeks! Thursday 27 March 2014. You can get tickets via!

Oh - you can also visit our website -, and find us on both Facebook ('Not From Around Here') and Twitter (NFAH).

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  1. That is a great picture--gives me the giggles just looking at it. Wish I could see the show, but will definitely check out the site and stuff.