Monday, August 12, 2013

...And saying goodbye to Snowdon.

It's been less than a month since Augustus died, and sadly little Snowdon had to leave us yesterday as well. He'd developed a tumour on his neck over the past few months; surgery would have been risky, healing would have been difficult and the whole thing would have been shockingly expensive so we agreed to let him live the happiest life possible until the tumour began causing him problems.

We weren't sure how he would recover from Augustus' death but he surprised us. He really came into his own. He was happy, binky, active and outgoing. King of all he surveyed.

Yesterday morning, though, he caught the tumour with his claw with a vigorous scratch and managed to tear a gash along it. Within an hour it was obvious that this would not heal well. He was in distress. We had one more dose of Tramadol in the fridge which made things easier for him, but at 3:30pm we had an appointment with the vet.

I have to say the vet we use is always fantastic. She sedated him partially in order to look for a vein but - as often happens with little bunnies - she was unable to find one with the needle. She gave us the option of being with him as they put him under with gas and then injected the euthanol into his heart, but I would have found that too hard to watch. He would have been asleep anyway and would not have know we were there. We had a few final minutes with him, and then said our goodbyes. He was three years old.

Rough day, and the house is now terribly empty.

So it goes.

The first photo here is him getting an unlimited breakfast buffet of snacks yesterday morning.


  1. Oh, not fair to have both go so close together. Very very sad for you.

  2. Oh no, SO not fair! Bad enough to lose one sweet fluffball, but both in a month is just awful. :(

    We will be thinking many good thoughts for them both, and you both are in thoughts and prayers as well. *hugs*