Friday, July 30, 2010


Sister-in-law Michelle came to visit the new rabbits yesterday.

The major difference between these two and Jellybaby - Jellybaby licked everything. Never chewed.

These two have chewed through the sofa, chewed buttons off the remote control beside my hand on the floor (I was watching the other rabbit) and shredded a footstool from Ikea. The footstool was a good thing, though - we left it out for them. It's made of woven banana fibre and we never use the thing anyway.

Lesson learned. Anything is fair game for these two. They even had a go at a library book I put by my feet while I was putting on my shoes to head out the door.

This is them on their (yes, 'their') footstool.


  1. Oh yes, a bunny's gotta chew what a bunny's gotta chew. ;)

    A few tips:

    1. Rubber = crack for bunnies, and they will find it somehow. Mickey's always finding rubber bands in places I could have sworn they did not exist.

    2. Given the choice between a nice willow basket and your favorite chair to chew on, they will choose the chair 9 times out of 10 just to show you who's boss.

    3. Bunnies think they are spectacular interior decorators and are always happy to show you how they think their/your home should look. They just can't understand why you get so upset when they do.

  2. good lord! look at them both!!!!....malcolm, nadine dear, you better just kiss any and all preconceived notion of your lives goodbye right now.

  3. heh heh - remotes that are smooth on the surface? I have one too! un-use-able now!

    glad you had a nice time at the highland games with all those skirts on, er, I mean kilts ...
    (no offence I am Scottish!)
    (half Scottish/half Australian)