Friday, July 23, 2010

Breakfast TV redux

As I'd expected, the link to the breakfast TV spot fellow-magician Yeats and I did a few weeks back has expired, so I've stuck it up on Youtube.

And bunny photos of the day...


  1. Welcome to the world of Lionheads. They will prove to be much more rambunctious then Jellybaby was. Enjoy they are a hoot. My Kirby used to make me laugh just looking at him and I always had this image of him tootling down the road in a Mini cooper. So glad you have dove back into the rabbit world.

  2. Thanks Karen. Strangely, Jellybaby was supposedly a pedigree 'double woolly' lionhead. I suspect part of the reason for her lack of rambunctiousness was the painful genetic tooth condition she had (which led to her being put down on the day we discovered it). Sad to think it was.

  3. Hi Malcolm.
    Your magic is so wonderful! I wish I could see you perform in person! Thanks for the video post! Too darn cool!
    Oh and of course, the bunny photos...fabulously precious!