Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Cabinet of Curiosities

The Cabinet of Curiosities is finally done! After four months of thinking (over...and over...and over again...) about how to make it, seven solid days' work and it's ready for use. Well, nearly - still a couple of touch-ups.

Oh, and I need to finish writing the show. I suppose that's quite important too. Not many people want to sit for an hour and watch me polish the thing on stage. They want a show.

So I've got most of the show written already but I'm still working on it. I'm pleased so far, though.

The cabinet itself is a mix of Baltic birch, walnut, oak, hemlock and maple. And about a pound of brass fittings.

Here are some more photos.

Oh, right - and a photo of Nadine holding Augustus in the nail-clipping pose. He hates this. Not fond of human contact at the best of times and really not fond of being held upside down to have his feet played with.


  1. Mick hates being held on his back far more than he does getting his nails trimmed. I can usually trim his nails while he is on all fours (or threes once a paw is lifted for trimming), but I have to put him on his back to clean his butt sometimes and he absolutely hates that.

    Cabinet looks so very awesome!

    1. Hey Jade,
      Sorry I missed your comment earlier. Hope you guys are all well. Things are good here, with the exception of Augustus going into GI stasis again last week. Think he's on the mend though!