Thursday, September 22, 2011

G.I Snow(don)

The boys - Augustus and Snowdon - are now about 15 months old. A couple of weeks ago we took them to their doting vet for an annual checkup - the vet was delighted to see such healthy rabbits (rather than the usual death's-doorstep-loitering ones that are usually brought to her) and complemented them both on, among other things, their delightful, soft and perfectly-formed bunny bellies.

Snowdon had a tiny ear irritation, however, and we had to return the following week for a follow-up treatment...

which sent him into shock and g.i. stasis. Yup. He stopped eating and, as many of you will know, this required round-the-clock feeding and care for four days until he began eating and pooping again. All is well now, though, and I'm pleased to report that over the past month both rabbits have become slightly...ever so slightly...more sociable with us and willing to tolerate cuddles and attention.

I've been so ridiculously busy for the past four or five months that I haven't been able to make a concerted effort to re-introduce them to each other (following a series of spats and nastiness earlier in the year) but now that the bulk of my busy period has calmed, I'll be doing that in the evenings. I hold out high hopes for the two of them becoming friends again.

Will keep you posted.


  1. Amazing how the least little thing can send their systems into haywire. So glad to hear that Snowdon is fully recovered--Mick went into stasis last year and it was completely nerve-wracking. Good luck with the rebonding!

  2. Wishing your boys the best in re-bonding. Hope Snowdon is feeling all better now.