Monday, July 11, 2011

Canada Day

Yes, it's belated but then so are most of my blog posts lately. But Happy Canada Day! It was interesting to note that on July 1st there were plenty of Canada Day greetings and posts from Facebook friends - in fact far more than Americans posting about July 4th. Then again... perhaps that's because on Facebook my Canadian friends outnumber the Americans 10:1.

So Canada Day. All the clouds that lower'd upon our house were in the deep bosom of the ocean buried and the previous weeks of rain, rain, rain gave way to glorious sunshine. I spent the morning as Parker Doodlebug entertaining the lineups to get into Heritage Park but they must have had extra ticket staff on duty as the line moved so quickly I practically had to perform walking backwards.

And then an afternoon show at Prince's Island Park which is always the single biggest party in Calgary on that day. Practically shore-to-shore with people, a massive mainstage (hello to Steve Pineo - missed his set but I'm sure it was great) and a smaller family stage in another area where yours truly got to rub elbows and other publicly-acceptable parts with the likes of Dan the One Man Band and Flyin' Bob. Flyin' Bob has a wonderful new opening to his show involving an enormous deep-sea fishing rod and a 15-foot ribbon. I won't spoil it's good.

And then Earl's in the evening doing table magic. Always fun when people are in a festive mood.

Long day but worth it.

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  1. And a belated Happy Canada Day to you! Glad you got some sunshine too--we're finally getting to see some ourselves.

    I'm sure the people waiting in line appreciated the entertainment--even if the line was moving quickly, it's never fun waiting.

    How are the squabbling furballs doing? I hope the bonding has been successful.