Wednesday, March 23, 2011


It's always nice to be appreciated. A few days ago I was doing my regular Saturday night table-magic gig at Earl's restaurant in Westhills, Calgary, and had almost finished for the night. Five minutes before the end of my shift one of the waiters came up and asked me to go to a certain table. It was a family I'd met a couple of weeks earlier - a really nice couple with their two very sweet daughters.

The younger daughter was red-eyed and had obviously been crying. When she saw me, however, her eyes lit up and she got the biggest smile I've seen in ages. A genuine beamer.

Apparently she'd been crying because she'd looked around the restaurant when they arrived and she hadn't seen me there! How's that for validation? Applause is nice but having people cry because you're not there...

Incidentally, I'm thrilled finally to have an Okito box coin magic routine I'm happy with. I've had an Okito box (the brass pill-box in the photo, just the right size to put coins in) for years and years but was never entirely happy with the routines I'd played with. I've now spliced together pieces of two routines and altered a little bit of the handling to suit me, and I'm satisfied.


Still needs work, but the reaction I'm getting from spectators is strong.


  1. That is so very sweet! I assume the wee lass was rewarded with a performance?

  2. Oh yes, they got a handful of tricks!