Wednesday, December 30, 2009

I've got one but I don't use it.

Interesting, the questions you get. In the UK the first one always seems to be "Are you a member of the Magic Circle?" Well, yes, but it's not necessary.

In Canada no one even knows what the Magic Circle is. Except magicians. And they don't count.

No. Instead it's always "Do you have a rabbit?" Well, yes to that too, but it's not necessary. Or even always desireable. Performing with a rabbit requires stuffing it in a tiny box with pathetic air-holes before the audience arrives and leaving it there until you're ready to pull it out. There are a dozen reasons in that sentence alone to discourage anyone bar the heartless or agoraphobic from adding it to a show.

When rabbits go bad, they do so for a reason.

And then there's the simple fact that few people nowadays find it magical. Cute, perhaps. But not magic.

Actually, the rabbit question isn't often the first. That honour goes to "What's your real job?", which earns a wedgie for those over the age of 18, or possibly "Do you do kids' parties?" which (while perfectly valid) has earned its place as a derisory in-joke amongst magicians. "Nice job making my card stick to the ceiling and vanishing the SUV, Frank, but do you do kids' parties?"


  1. Well it's about friggin' time, Mr. Magic. I'm looking forward to it!

  2. Bonnie says she would like to meet Jellybaby ... Bonnie LIKES wabbits :)

  3. How does it happens that you think about something for the first time in eons and then it's in front of you some short hours later? i.e. I was talking to someone yesterday about rabbits and magic tricks... but I got to wondering whether anyone had ever pulled a hat out of a rabbit before?

  4. Hey - good lookin' blog there, Malcolm! Jellybaby is a fitting star for your first post.

    I look forward to your sure-to-be scintillating posts.

    Work your magic...